Design Education

In this age of mass consumption, students and practitioners of design are often encouraged to believe that good design means the ability to create a smaller cell phone, a sleek auto exterior, or something that will show well at Milan.

While technological advances to the present day have brought many benefits to industrialized society, much of the world's population does not have access to basic needs such as clean water, adequate nutrition and affordable health care.

Through the development and presentation of curriculum and workshops, Design For Development hopes to raise awareness about these critical world issues amongst high school and design students and to encourage the use of design to create meaningful solutions to real world problems.

DFD in Action

Design For Development is a proud collaborator in the Virtual Museum of Canada's Massive Change In Action web site — a project aimed at high school students and teachers that focuses on our human ability to create positive change in the world through the power and promise of design.

The site uses case studies and learning activities to help students explore and develop ideas, learn about problem solving and to encourage positive change in their environment.

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