Site Policies

Ads, Advertising and Endorsements

Berkeley Afoot is an ad-free, non-commercial site offered as a public service to promote walking, walking-related activities, exploration of those parts of the Bay Area that are of interest to walkers, and to share glimpses of  Berkeley and Bay Area culture. I do not accept any compensation for the links posted on this site and do not use ads. If a product or service is mentioned or a link is provided to that product or service, it is because I have personally used the product/service and believe it to be of value to my readers. I am happy to review your product/service with the understanding that the choice to mention it on this site is solely at my discretion.

Supporting Other Sites and Organizations

The only organizations and websites that appear in my link list are those that I have personally visited and/or contacted. They are offered to my readers as additional resources to explore. I do not impose my site policies on those sites, so some of them may have ads or may be commercial. I believe strongly that it is important to support and promote other sites like Berkeley Afoot and compatible community-based organizations that have a positive impact on our lives. I’m happy to review other sites for inclusion in the link list. Just drop me an email and include the URL.