Searching For The Best Low Interest Loan Consolidation

The consolidation of a Loan is a necessary thing when credit is either not being repaid or not being handled in the proper way. Usually borrowers are offered a program which can help them to repay all their credits at the most favorable interest rates possible. This applies especially the loans with high rates of interest. So a lot of consider that this is the best possible way to clear the debt. Still there is a question if it’s possible to make repayment of high interest loans at low-interest. Continue reading "Searching For The Best Low Interest Loan Consolidation"

Walking on the Wild Side: Covert Path

Approaching Covert path from it’s highest point on Keeler Ave., it’s easy to mistake it for a pleasant but not particularly wild path. Guarded and obscured by the outstretched branches of an old pine, Upper Covert sneaks along the side of a neighboring house and meanders along a gentle, grassy slope. Halfway down the 164 railroad tie steps, you’ll slip through some trees and into a more shaded area. The slope steepens as it descends down to Cragmont Ave. All very nice, you may say, but still very obviously in someone’s back yard. Continue reading "Walking on the Wild Side: Covert Path"

Berkeley: Filtered Permeability Pioneer?

Since the mid-1960s, when the first traffic diverters were installed to protect the area around San Pablo Park, residents and pundits alike have dissed the concrete bollards that dot many of Berkeley’s neighborhoods. Drivers who find themselves redirected in concentric circles around their intended destination question the sanity of the traffic engineers responsible for their deployment. Neighbors living near the bollards say they’re unsightly and detract from the beauty of the neighborhood. In the mid-1970s, opponents successfully placed two separate initiatives on the ballot to have the bollards removed. Both measures failed. Lawsuits were later filed to remove the bollards, alleging they didn’t conform to CalTrans standards. The state legislature subsequently legalized all such diversion techniques.

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